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About Flu

About Flu

Flu is caused by influenza viruses, which have a remarkable ability to change their properties over time in order to evade our immune defences.  Flu occurs in seasonal epidemics every winter, and less frequently, in more serious global epidemics (pandemics) – as new strains appear and when the number of people susceptible to them becomes large enough.

Is flu dangerous?

Flu can be a mild illness, which sometimes leads people to assume it is not very important; but it can also cause severe complications and even death.

Why vaccinate against flu?

Vaccine programmes tend to target those most likely to suffer serious ill health as a result. But increasing numbers of people opt for vaccination not just to avoid complications, but also as a way of protecting their productivity and good health, rather than leaving the prospect of an unpleasant, debilitating infection purely to chance.

Flu is fascinating subject, and at the Fleet Street Clinic, we have been involved in many different aspects for two decades:

  • We are experts in Travel Medicine, and the global spread of flu viruses is closely linked to international travel;
  • We specialise in vaccines, and have given hundreds of thousands of doses safely;
  • Our clients in the news industry have relied on us to protect their staff, during global coverage of bird flu, swine flu and flu outbreaks around the world;
  • We have helped large numbers of businesses with occupational health and business continuity issues;
  • We have accumulated vast experience in dealing with flu-related issues, and are commonly consulted as experts;
  • With our experience of mass vaccination campaigns, we have helped provide expertise to the NHS, vaccinating vulnerable groups during the swine flu outbreak;
  • In addition to our own practical experience, we have developed a suite of bespoke project management tools to help simplify the task of running even the most complex vaccination campaign.

Follow the links at the right of this page to find out more about seasonal, avian and swine (H1N1) flu.

Please call us on 020 7353 5678 to book or to receive further information, or click here to request a formal quotation online. Flu Vaccine is cost-effective!

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