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Why You Should Vaccinate Your Workforce Against Flu This Year

25th October 2017
Why You Should Vaccinate Your Workforce Against Flu This Year

For businesses, the winter season can be problematic, with the issue of having to manage staff holidays and missed work days due to sickness.

Illnesses such as flu, mental health problems like depression, are most often to hit companies during the autumn and winter months. What’s more, the NHS has predicted a particularly severe flu season this year.

If you are in charge of organising your company healthcare and wellbeing programmes, you may be unsure about whether to offer flu vaccines. The fact is, workplace flu vaccination can offer a significant return on investment in terms of reduced absenteeism and increased efficiency in the office, meaning there is one less thing to worry about.

We respond to some common questions about corporate flu programmes here:


Plan ahead and book the session as early as you feel able.

For best protection, the optimal timing for vaccination is between September and early December, before flu viruses begin to circulate.

Why Should You Vaccinate Your Staff?

A flu outbreak in the workplace can cause an increase in absenteeism, which can result is a loss of productivity as well increasing the workload of any staff that do not succumb to infection. For large and small organisations alike, this can have a massive impact on productivity and revenue. Workplace vaccinations are a great way of promoting health and wellbeing among your employees and demonstrating a caring ethos.

Benefits of the Flu Vaccine

– Flu vaccinations improve the wellbeing of your employees, promoting job satisfaction and a positive work atmosphere.

– Flu vaccinations reduce absenteeism.

– The greater the number of people who are vaccinated, the less potential there is for flu to spread through your workplace, among staff members families, and within the local community.

– Annual seasonal flu vaccination is the best way to reduce the chances of becoming ill with flu.


Workplace flu vaccination uptake can vary. Internal promotion and communication can make a big impact on likely numbers; motivation to avoid illness, and perception of current risk are also key factors. A good general guide to consider the total staff population and estimate that between 25%-45% of that number would probably choose to be vaccinated.

How Much Can You Save Your Company with a Flu Vaccine Programme?

Work out how the likely savings to your company from a successful flu programme by visiting our company savings calculator here.

FluJabs.org offers workplace flu vaccination programmes both on-site across the UK,  and at our drop-in clinic in central London.

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