Could the 2021/2022 Flu season be worse than in recent years? If so, why is that the case?

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Last updated: 25/08/21
ANSWER BY: Dr Richard Dawood Medical Director
Date Added: 23/08/21

The coronavirus pandemic has created new uncertainties for the future.

Social distancing measures, masks, increasing hygiene awareness, and lockdown, successfully reduced circulation of all respiratory viruses – coronavirus as well as flu. All of these may continue to offer some protection.

On the other hand, there is now less general immunity to flu in the population, creating the prospect of outbreaks among a much more susceptible population. Many young children and babies will have never been exposed to the flu virus meaning they will be much more susceptible this year.

The public health authorities are taking this risk very seriously – it makes sense for everyone to be as well-prepared as possible. Flu vaccination is the most important precaution and everyone who can be vaccinated, should.

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