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Flu jabs service at Fleet Street Clinic starts today.

17th September 2018

Our walk-in service for flu vaccinations at Fleet Street Clinic has started!

Flu can be much more unpleasant than most people realise and sometimes has serious complications. It interferes with work and leisure and can spread to vulnerable family members and those around you.
Preventative measures like the flu jab can cut your risk of getting the flu this year.

From today, you can drop in to Fleet Street Clinic anytime between 9am-5pm, Monday-Friday for your flu jab  –
No appointment necessary!

Please note, however, the children’s nasal spray vaccine is not yet available.


Vaccinations (currently) available:

>> Quadrivalent Flu Vaccine

For those aged 6 months – 64 years
This year’s flu vaccine includes protection from the four strains of flu that are most likely to cause outbreaks this winter.


For those aged 65 and over
FluAd™ contains an immune-enhancing ingredient – MF59 adjuvant – which results in a more powerful immune response and increases your level of protection.

Getting vaccinated against flu is one of the most important things you can do to protect your health this winter. We recommend being vaccinated before the end of October, for best protection. The vaccine is especially important for young children, seniors, and pregnant women.

There is no way to predict how bad the flu might get this winter, but you can be prepared.

Don’t delay – It is the time to prepare for flu season!

For more information visit our FAQ’s.
Pricing for adults and children.

Ways to get in touch…

If you have any questions about the flu vaccine offered to expecting mother’s at Flu Jabs at Fleet Street Clinic, please get in touch.

Get In Touch:flujabs.org Email:Flu Jabs Travel vaccinations at Fleet Street Clinic, London

Email us

Submit an enquiry >

Get In Touch:flujabs.org Call us/ Phone to book:Flu Jabs Travel vaccinations at Fleet Street Clinic, London

0845 0505 388 ^

^ Lines are open 9:00-17:30, Monday-Friday.





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