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Flu Vaccines for Your Workplace

We specialise in corporate flu vaccination, and have access to the widest range of vaccines available anywhere.

For our corporate clients, the two most popular vaccines options are:

Quadrivalent / Tetravalent (4-Strain) vaccine

Quadrivalent vaccines also include protection against an additional strain of influenza “B” — so, 2 “A” strains plus 2 “B” strains in total, giving the best possible odds that the vaccine will protect against whichever strain of flu may threaten.

  • Licensed from 6 months old onwards.


  • Needle-free, sprayed directly into the nose
  • Contains live viruses that have been weakened and cannot cause infection
  • Mimics effect of real virus on the immune system, producing powerful protection
  • Licensed for children only (Aged 24 months to 17 years)



People aged 65 years and over can now be offered greater protection from influenza infection for the 2020/21 season

Standard dose, three-component (trivalent) inactivated flu vaccine that contains an adjuvant

Studies have show that the an adjuvanted influenza vaccine boosts immune responses in adults aged 65 and over, thereby offering more protection than existing conventional non- adjuvanted influenza vaccines

Extra Services

Our workplace flu vaccine service is backed up by a Drop-in Flu Clinic at our central London location. This is ideal for any staff members who are unable to attend when we visit your premises. It is also an option for people who might need to be looked after in a more specialised environment, at no extra cost.

Some of our clients like to offer flu vaccination to dependents and family members of their staff. Our nurses are happy to do this, with advance planning: there are different vaccine recommendations for children, for example (such as the nasal spray vaccine, which we do not routinely bring with us on workplace visits).

Follow these links if you’d like to know more about the types and technologies of flu vaccines generally, and the full range available.


Ways to get in touch…


Get In Touch:flujabs.org Call us/ Phone to book:Flu Jabs Travel vaccinations at Fleet Street Clinic, London

0845 0505 388 ^

^ Lines are open 9:00-17:30, Monday-Friday.




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