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Flu Vaccine Information

What Flu Vaccines do you use?

We specialise in flu vaccination and take pride in offering the widest choice of flu vaccines available anywhere.

There are subtle differences between them, including:

  • The technology used to manufacture them
  • The type of immunity they produce
  • The way they are given (standard injection or nasal spray)
  • The number of strains of virus that they protect against (3-strain or 4-strain vaccines)
  • The age-range they are suited to
  • Cost

Follow the links below to find out more about our vaccines.

  • Individual Vaccination
    Premium vaccines

    Premium vaccines are made with a different technology than the standard flu vaccines improving immune response.

  • Individual Vaccination
    Quadrivalent vaccines

    In addition to the three standard strains included in all of the other vaccines, these platinum vaccines include protection against a further strain of influenza "B".


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