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Child Vaccine Prices and Stock

All vaccines cover the 3 main strains expected this winter (two “A” strains plus one “B”).
They all give good protection, and the main differences between them are:

  • Standard Flu Vaccines

    Availability: Available now    £21 for returning patients
    • Suitable for all ages, 6 months and up
    • Injection of killed virus fragments or proteins - not a live vaccine
    • Gives good immunity to three predicted 2017/18 winter flu strains only.

    Only option for ages 6-24 months.

  • Platinum 4-Strain (tetravalent) Flu Vaccine

    Availability: Available now   
    • Contains additional "B" strain giving increased probability of protection
    • Injection of killed viral fragments
    • Gives good immunity to 4 predicted 2017/18 winter flu strains only.

    Platinum option - available for ages 3 - 18.

  • Platinum Nasal Spray Flu Vaccine

    Availability: Out of Stock    (Pre-paid 2nd dose: £35)
    • Needle-free, sprayed directly into the nose
    • Recommended for children from the age of 2 years to under 18
    • Contains live viruses that have been weakened and cannot cause infection
    • Mimics effect of real virus on the immune system, producing powerful protection
    • Now protects against FOUR predicted 2017/18 winter flu strains

    "Platinum" option - this is the preferred vaccine for ages 2 to <18 years.


  1. Children who have never been vaccinated previously against flu require a second dose approximately four weeks later
  2. With the nasal spray vaccine, we strongly recommend reserving a second dose at your first visit, in order to guarantee availability
  3. Vaccine costs include professional nurse/doctor fees
  4. All vaccines are subject to availability: deliveries from manufacturers are outside our control

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