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30 years of keeping your employees fit and healthy.
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A few words from our Medical Director

"As one of the UK’s most experienced providers of workplace flu vaccinations, we take special pride in delivering a flawless service."

We love a challenge, and over the past twenty eight years, we have undertaken some of the most complex flu vaccination programmes across the country. From vaccinating night-shift engineers on the London Underground, to production cast and crew for TV, theatre, film and the music world; from entire government departments to key workers in the NHS, emergency services, financial enterprises and the judiciary: there are few workplace environments that are unfamiliar to us.

Despite recent focus on Covid, we should not forget that flu is also capable of inflicting a devastating toll. Flu vaccination protects lives, health, wellbeing and productivity. Flu seasons can be full of surprises, which is why experience counts. We promise to look after your colleagues and employees to the best of our ability, for this year’s flu season and beyond.
Dr Richard Dawood - Medical Director

Our Story

We are experts in workplace flu vaccination

Established since 1995, for the past 28 years we have been successfully vaccinating employers and employees nationally across the UK against influenza. We specialise in workplace / corporate flu vaccinations and deliver thousands of onsite vaccinations throughout the flu season for our clients every year.

As experienced corporate flu vaccination providers, we understand that experience means everything and we know the expertise required to deliver a high-quality medical service. Our clients expect the highest standards from us: most come to us through personal recommendation, and stay with us year after year.

Our small but mighty team offers a personalised service you can depend on. Whether that be annual flu jabs on their own, or flu jabs offered in combination with other wellness vaccinations or health promotion services, we are here to support your company’s health goals.

Fleet St. Clinic is a long-established independent, well-reputed multidisciplinary medical practice based in Central London. We provide honest and compassionate care for individual patients and their families, and entire businesses and organisations alike.

We are experts in workplace flu vaccination

Our Values

Keeping you and your employees protected against influenza is at the core of our values. Our core company values drive us to work with compassion, provide maximum protection and exceed expectations.

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    Experience is Everything
    We’ve been honing our service for nearly 30 years and we can confidently say we are one of the leading corporate flu providers in the UK. In that time we have listened, learnt, built up a reliable supply chain and invested significantly in our team. With all of our experience we successfully and safely deliver flu vaccination programmes for our clients and their employees each year.
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    Clinical Excellence
    We look after you and your employees from start to finish, offering advice along the way and an aftercare service to ensure maximum flu protection within your workplace. We often provide additional medical services such as wellness vaccines like pneumonia, or simple health checks to screen for conditions like diabetes, high blood pressure or high cholesterol.
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    Exceeding Expectations
    Our aim is to provide excellent care, meeting the needs of each client and exceeding their expectations. We go above and beyond to put your team’s health and wellbeing first. Our dedicated nurses are available on the day to provide required medical care and to answer any queries even after the on-site clinic has been completed.

Some of the companies we help look after:

    Our Team

    Meet the Management & Nursing Team

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    Richard Dawood

    Medical Director

    Sandeep Karavadra

    Clinic Manager

    Siva Ganapathi

    Business Development Manager

    Ella Joy

    Account Manager

    Luke Joy

    Office Administrator

    Rishil Patel

    Project Administrator

    Charita Sopa

    Quality & Compliance Manager

    Lucy Mildren

    Senior Nurse


Fleet St. Clinic are rated as Good for all 5 Key Lines of Enquiries mandated by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) and accredited to the ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 Quality Assurance standards. You can rely on us to adhere to the highest quality standards, with patient satisfaction at the heart of our service.

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