Corporate Flu Vaccinations

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Protect your staff with workplace flu vaccinations this winter

Protecting your employees from illness and minimising staff absences can save your company time and money.

London-based Flu Jabs at Fleet St. Clinic is a leading provider of corporate flu vaccine programmes for workplaces across the UK. We aim to keep your employees healthy over the flu season and help you maintain productivity levels.

What is the flu?

Flu is a contagious respiratory illness caused by the influenza virus. It is highly unpredictable and no one really knows how deadly influenza will be each year.

Flu is mostly spread through tiny droplets in the air released from sneezes, coughs and even talking. The flu virus can cause mild to severe illness and may lead to further more serious health complications, sometimes tragically even death.

Seemingly healthy people can get the flu and get very sick. Even if you develop mild symptoms, you could still pass the virus on to your vulnerable friends, family or coworkers who may not be so lucky!

You may be contagious even before you start feeling flu symptoms – this can cause an outbreak in the workplace and the wider community.

A flu jab is the most effective step you can take to protect you and your business from this serious disease.

Flu is a contagious respiratory illness caused by the influenza virus. It is highly unpredictable and no one really knows how deadly influenza will be each year.

The flu R0* number for seasonal flu is: 1.3**

*R0, pronounced “R naught”, is a mathematical term that indicates how contagious an infectious disease is. It describes the average number of people who will contract a contagious disease from an infected individual.
**Tests taken in May 2021

The Flu Season

When is the best time to vaccinate my employees?

It is important to ensure you and your staff are vaccinated before flu season comes around. This is because it takes up to 14 days for your body to produce enough antibodies to offer adequate protection to fight the flu virus.

Here, in the northern hemisphere, flu season typically runs from early autumn through to the following spring with the worst months being late December through to the end of March. We therefore recommend you vaccinate your team with a flu jab as early as possible, ideally between September – November, before they have been exposed to circulating flu strains.

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  • September
  • December
  • Peak Flu Season

  • April
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Our Corporate Flu Vaccination Programme

How do we provide an unrivalled service for our corporate flu vaccination programmes?

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    Early Vaccinations
    Our corporate flu vaccination sessions start from September, allowing businesses plenty of time to vaccinate their entire workforce before the start of peak flu season.
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    Guaranteed Stock
    Through long-standing relationships we’ve built a strong supply chain, meaning we are able to guarantee stocks of the flu vaccine without disruptions.
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    Online booking
    We understand the importance of making a flu jab easy to book - it can be the difference between low or high employee uptake. Our online booking is easy and sends automatic reminders to all your employees.
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    Vaccination Helpline
    To minimise worry we have a free Flu Vaccination Helpline for you and your staff to use before and after your vaccination to ensure all your questions and/or concerns are answered.
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    Peace Of Mind
    It is important to select a flu provider with a reputation of reliability, clinical excellence and a team that goes above and beyond. We confidently say we tick all those boxes.
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    Highly Experienced Team
    We strongly believe, when it comes to corporate flu vaccination programmes, experience is everything. Our team of doctors and nurses are highly experienced, caring and go above and beyond.
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    Full Medical Support
    We do not just administer flu vaccines, we offer a comprehensive medical service. We are part of Fleet Street Clinic, a multidisciplinary practice with many clinicians to support if needed.
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    20 Vaccinations per hour
    Our flu nurses are highly experienced in administering flu vaccinations. They can vaccinate 20 of your employees every hour, which equates to a flu jab every 3 minutes. It is a fast, efficient and friendly service.
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Let us protect your employees this upcoming flu season

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"It's unbelievably simple to book, simple to administer and great value for money"

We've used Fleet Street for our company flu jab for the last 3 years and it's an excellent service - our employees get a free flu jab and they are only away from their desks for about 10 minutes. It keeps them more protected and we suffer less absence. It's unbelievably simple to book, simple to administer and great value for money. I've used the service for a number of years and will book again next year.
Catherine Read HR Manager at Astute Electronics

"Very easy to manage the process from start to finish"

Very easy to manage the process from start to finish. The online booking system is one of the key aspects for us and why we would book again.
Emma Brewer Human Resources Officer at Akim Gump LLP

"We had a record number of uptake"

We’ve been using Fleet Street Clinic to conduct our annual flu jab clinic for the past 7 years. The team is always friendly and helpful. They were able to pivot during the pandemic to provide opportunities for employees to receive a jab at their site and this year we were able to return to a clinic in our office, where we had a record number of uptake. I highly recommend working with Fleet Street Clinic.
Greg Diamond HR Manager at FINN Partners

"Our Go To Company"

Having used & Fleet Street Clinic for many years, they are our go to company. The service is always smooth and organised, nothing is too much for the very helpful nurses that [you] have sent to us.
Anna Mynott Head of Resources at Kudos Film & Television Ltd.

"An on-site Flu Jab is something staff appreciate"

We have found having an on-site Flu Jab is something staff appreciate, the uptake being over 50%. It is a quick and seamless process from first ordering the vaccinations to the nurse turning up and administering them.
Tracey Alexander HR & Operations Manager at L.E.K. Consulting

"Smooth & Calm Process"

The service was very quick and efficient. Smooth and calm process, everything worked
really well, she was lovely and hardly a scratch!
Head Teacher City of London School for Girls

"Smooth, easy and professional"

"The end to end process was smooth, easy and professional - thank you."
Robert Sykes Managing Director at Shorts Industries Ltd.

Some of the companies we help look after:

We offer an unrivalled choice of flu vaccinations.

Types of vaccinations

We offer an unrivalled choice of flu vaccinations.

At, we have consistently supported the use of the Quadrivalent vaccine since its introduction to the market, on the basis that it significantly increases the probability of good protection. We are committed to offering the broadest and best choice of flu vaccinations for you and your employees, with several brand and options available.

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Flu Calculator

How does the flu impact your employees?

  • 5 Days
    Is the average amount of time for an adult to fully recover from the flu.
  • 38.2%
    Of sick days taken by employees was due to the flu and colds.
  • Jan - Mar
    Are the most common months for employees to fall ill.