What time of year should I organise my company’s flu vaccinations?

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Last updated: 19/04/24
ANSWER BY: Sandy Karavadra Clinic Manager
Date Added: 23/08/21

It is always possible to do things at the last minute, but to get the most from your workplace flu vaccination programme, in our experience it is always best to plan ahead, and might take longer than you think. There are many aspects to consider. We recommend making enquiries and confirming costs during summer, and if you would like vaccination sessions early in the season, to get these booked in as early as you feel able, since September is very popular and usually gets fully booked before the weather changes for Autumn.

For the best protection, the optimal timing for vaccination of your staff is between September and early December, before flu viruses begin to circulate within the community. Please bear in mind protection is not instant, it takes roughly 14 for your body to produce antibodies which will protect you from infection.

Another point to consider is that flu vaccines are manufactured to order, and the production lead time is about 6 months, so the number of vaccines is always finite. Some companies do run out of stock and so making your arrangements as early as possible is the best way to secure vaccine supplies.

However, it is never too late to get vaccinated, and late vaccination is still much better than being unprotected.

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