How many people take up the Flu vaccination?

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Last updated: 06/09/21
ANSWER BY: Charles Corfield Corporate Business Manager/Flu Lead
Date Added: 09/08/21

Workplace flu vaccination uptake can vary company to company and infact year to year. Internal promotion and communication can make a big impact on likely numbers as well as motivation to avoid illness, and perception of current risk are also key factors. In a typical year, a good general guide would be to consider the total eligible staff population: we would expect between 25%-45% of that number to most likely choose to be vaccinated.

Recent events with the coronavirus pandemic have highlighted the importance of vaccination and the impact respiratory diseases can have on communities and the world in general. A by-product of the pandemic is the understanding that flu is avoidable and this awareness of flu complications has increased uptake of the flu vaccine.

The symptoms of flu are also very easy to confuse with covid-19 symptoms. It is still mandatory that those presenting with covid-19 symptoms should self-isolate at home. By having the flu vaccine, it reduces the risk of you catching flu and having to isolate yourself due to presenting with covid-19 symptoms.

We expect uptake of the flu vaccination to be higher this year than in previous years and companies should take this into consideration when estimating how many vaccinations they require for their company.

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