I am a blood donor. If I have a Flu jab, will it be ok for me to donate blood?

Special requirements
Last updated: 11/11/23
ANSWER BY: Dr Richard Dawood Medical Director
Date Added: 09/08/21


Injected flu vaccines are made from ‘dead’ (inactivated/recombinant) material, so it doesn’t affect your ability to donate. Provided you are feeling well and have had no adverse side effects to the flu jab, you can give blood (even on the same day if you are feeling completely well too).

If you are feeling under the weather and/ or are experiencing mild side effects of the flu jab, it’s best that you wait until you feel completely better before you give blood.

The NHS Blood Service does not require any delay between vaccination and blood donation for this category of vaccine, so there’s no problem. The NHS Blood Service Helpline is 0300 123 23 23 if you require further reassurance.

If you have had the flu jab as a priority because of underlying health issues, there may be restrictions on whether you can give blood, please check that it is okay for you to donate using the NHS give blood website.

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