I have had a Flu vaccination but now have questions or a concern, what should I do? 

Last updated: 11/11/23
ANSWER BY: Dr Richard Dawood Medical Director
Date Added: 09/08/21

Don’t worry, we are here to help, whether there’s something you forgot to ask about during your appointment, or you have a concern about a side effect you are experiencing.

We provide an aftercare service for all flu jabs we administer – whether at your workplace, during a nurse home visit or after your flu jab at Fleet Street Clinic.

If you received your flu vaccine as part of your company flu vaccination programme, please contact our corporate flu team on 0845 050 5388 or by emailing – they will be able to help you in the first instance. They may advise you to speak further with one of our nurses and if that is required, they will arrange this for you.

If you received your flu vaccine at Fleet Street Clinic as a private patient, you can contact our reception team directly and they will be able to direct your question or concern to the most appropriate person. You can call 020 7353 5678 or by emailing

Please remember in a life-threatening medical emergency you should immediately call 999. The call handler will decide the most appropriate response as quickly as possible.

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