Why should I provide Flu vaccinations for my staff?

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Last updated: 11/11/23
ANSWER BY: Dr Richard Dawood Medical Director
Date Added: 23/08/21

This is a good question. In our opinion, flu vaccinations are a small investment with many benefits; both for the employer and the employee.

The health of your employees should be paramount.

Flu is harmful to your employees’ health and wellbeing. Workplace vaccinations are a great way of promoting health and wellbeing among your employees, and demonstrating a caring ethos. By offering a flu vaccination to your team, you are reducing the risk of flu outbreaks among your staff and safeguarding your employees from a harmful, infectious disease.

Employers bear the brunt of flu costs.

An unhealthy team will cost much more than the cost of vaccinating them. Flu reduces productivity, adds to sickness in the workplace, and results in lost revenue and opportunities. A knock-on side effect could also be that their work will have to be done by someone else, increasing the workload of any unaffected staff, adding to lost productivity and revenue.

Increased job satisfaction for employees

Health promotion and showing you are willing to invest in the health of your staff with flu vaccinations will enhance job satisfaction and fosters a positive work atmosphere. A happy workforce is likely to take less time off – reducing absenteeism.

Less probability of a flu outbreak in the workplace

The greater the number of people who are vaccinated, the less potential there is for flu to spread through your workplace, among staff members’ families, and within the local community.

An annual flu vaccination is the best way to reduce the chances of becoming ill with flu. We have created a simple flu calculator which works out how much the flu vaccination could save your company compared to the investment cost. Using this calculator, you can determine the return of investment of a workplace flu vaccination programme and decide if now is the right time to offer flu vaccination as a staff benefit to your employees.

If you would like to use the flu calculator, please click here.

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