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Why should I provide flu vaccinations for my staff?

A flu outbreak in the workplace can cause an increase in absenteeism, which can result is a loss of productivity as well increasing the workload of any staff that do not succumb to infection. For large and small organisations alike, this can have a massive impact upon productivity and revenue. Workplace vaccinations are a great way of promoting health and wellbeing among your employees, and demonstrating a caring ethos.

The benefits of vaccinating are:

  • Flu vaccinations improve the wellbeing of your employees, promoting job satisfaction and a positive work atmosphere.
  • Flu vaccinations reduce absenteeism
  • The greater the number of people who are vaccinated, the less potential there is for flu to spread through your workplace, among staff members families, and within the local community.
  • Annual seasonal flu vaccination is the best way to reduce the chances of becoming ill with flu.

Work out how much the flu could cost your company here.

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