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Flu Symptom Checker

16th September 2019
Flu Symptom Checker

Do you have the flu or just a cold?

It can be difficult knowing if your symptoms are a cold or the flu.  Here’s a quick questionnaire that will let you know what your illness could be, and treatments for a better recovery.

  • How does your head feel?
      1. Heavy with a slight headache
      2. Constant headache
  • How are your sinuses?
      1. Runny or blocked
      2. Okay or normal
  • Do you have a cough?
      1. Yes, but it is tolerable
      2. Yes, it is exhausting
  • Are you clammy, freezing or feverish?
      1. No
      2. Yes
  • Do you have a temperature?
      1. Yes but only slightly above normal
      2. Yes, it seems high
  • How much energy do you have?
      1. Slightly less than a regular day
      2. I am struggling to get out of bed
  • When did your symptoms occur?
      1. Gradually
      2. Without warning

If you got mostly A’s – You may have a cold

This viral infection is easier to treat,  on average colds can last 3 to 5 days.

  • Rest with no vigorous workouts.
  • Sleep; the more you sleep, the better and faster your body can recover.
  • Keep warm, so your body doesn’t work overtime fighting the virus and elevating your temperature.
  • Drink plenty of fluids. Water and chicken soup are recommended.
  • Over the counter, cold medicine should relieve your symptoms.
  • Aloe Vera tissues. They may not stop your nose running, but they are less harsh than normal tissue meaning they are less slightly to cause a sore nose.

If you got mostly B’s – You may have the flu

The flu is harder to treat as the symptoms are more severe and come on extremely abruptly. The average flu can last between 7 to 14 days. We recommend the following treatment:

  • Rest until your energy levels are back to normal. This means no workouts or work.
  • Sleep; the more you sleep the better and faster your body can recover.
  • Keep warm, so your body can solely concentrate on getting better Stay hydrated, drinking plenty of fluids.
  • Pain relief, paracetamol or ibuprofen can lower your temperature and help with aches and pains.

Sources: NHS


Our walk-in flu clinic is now open.
A flu jab is the best way to prevent infection and to protect yourself, your family, your friends, your colleagues and your community!


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