Do I need to pay for my flu jab on the day?

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Last updated: 03/09/21
ANSWER BY: Charles Corfield Corporate Business Manager/Flu Lead
Date Added: 09/08/21

Corporate Patients

As a corporate patient your company will be funding your flu jab and you will usually have it administered at your place of work on a designated vaccination day. You will need to book in for your flu jab when asked to do so by your employer – a unique booking link will be shared with you. As your company is paying, you do not need to make any payment prior or on the day of your vaccination.

Your company may have arranged utilising our main clinic for those employees who are unable to make the onsite vaccination day, in that case you will be asked to attend Fleet Street Clinic in central London to have your flu jab. Your HR manager will inform you if that is part of their corporate agreement. Again, you do not need to worry about payment as we will normally invoice your company for the service. If that is the case, a discount code will be provided to your HR manager to clear the cost during the booking process on our main Fleet Street Clinic website. If this hasn’t been set up, you can book in directly, make payment and claim the cost back through your company’s usual expenses claim process.

Individual Patients

If you are an individual, self-paying patient, it depends on how you make your booking. If you are using our online booking system you will need to make payment to complete your booking. If you are booking by phone or email, you may be asked to make payment prior to your appointment, alternatively you can pay for your flu jab on the day.

Visit Fleet Street Clinic, our London clinic to book online, or call 020 7353 5678 to book by phone.

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