How long is the average wait time?

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Last updated: 19/04/24
ANSWER BY: Sandy Karavadra Clinic Manager
Date Added: 09/08/21

We are usually able to see our patients on time and deliver vaccination within a 5 minute appointment; if all forms have been completed prior to appointment and the patient turns up suitably dressed with easy access to the top of their arm for their flu jab. Additional appointment time may be needed if these things are not completed prior to appointment, which could lead to a knock on effect of delays for subsequent appointments.

Our aim is that no one should be waiting longer than 10 minutes for their appointment. Some circumstances require more time with the nurse, such as patients with a needle phobia or complex medical history. These concerns can usually be addressed within the appointment time without causing any delays and some of these concerns can be addressed prior to the appointment to help the day run smoothly – speak with your HR manager to highlight any concerns ahead of time.

Rest assured we will see you as quickly and efficiently as it is safe to do so. We will ensure you do not feel rushed during your flu jab appointment, and that we will not keep you waiting longer than absolutely necessary.

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