What if someone can’t attend on the day of our session?

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Last updated: 19/04/24
ANSWER BY: Sandy Karavadra Clinic Manager
Date Added: 09/08/21

If a staff member is unable to attend your workplace flu vaccination session, there are a number of different options for you to consider.

If there are still many staff requiring vaccinations, we could arrange a further follow up session at your place of work to vaccinate them, at an additional cost. (We can sometimes arrange follow-up sessions at less busy times at the end of the season, at reduced cost, please ask for details.)

Alternatively, if only a couple of employees are affected, it may make more financial sense for them to visit our clinic in Central London, Fleet Street Clinic at a convenient time for them. This option is great if they are London-based staff. All the employee would need to do is to book an appointment via our main Fleet Street Clinic online booking system.

How does this work? We can provide the HR/ business contact with a company specific discount code which will remove the price when booking using the system. This discount code can be tracked and also limited to a certain number of uses so that only authorised employees can use the code. A report & ‘walk in’ invoice will be provided towards the end of the Flu Season in addition to any onsite sessions you have organised. It is a really easy way to allow for a smaller number of staff to be vaccinated without the need for further onsite sessions. Please note, it is down to the HR/ business contact to share this discount code with caution – it should not be freely shared. If you expect that this option may suit some of your employees, please discuss this with a member of the corporate flu team.

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